#13 You see 16 Sunrises here!

16 sunrises and 16 sunsets in a day! But HOW & WHY? Let's understand.

#13 You see 16 Sunrises here!
Source: NASA

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🀯 WOAHHH! fact

This is the place where you see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day.

Where a day changes to night and night changes to day every 45 minutes!

This is the International Space Station.

Yup, that's the ISS!

The ISS has been up there, in the Low Earth Orbit, for the past 20 years.

It is Earth's research lab in the space.

It is moving around the Earth at a very high-speed velocity.

At a speed of 27,724 km/hr, to be precise.

That's covering 7 km every second!

Which also means that these sunrises and sunsets last for just a few seconds.

But why such a fast speed?

To catch more sunsets! (hehe, no)

Simple answer:

It is very close to the Earth's surface.

Distances between Earth and the International Space Station, the Moon and  Mars - infographic - Canadian Space Agency
Just 400km away...

Being so close, it experiences a strong gravitational pull.

Which keeps it going.

But to stay where it is and not get pulled inside, it must move quickly.

That is why it covers 16 orbits of the Earth in 24 hours.

The farther you are from the Earth, the less the planet's gravity pulls you, and you can move more slowly.

Feel like going to ISS right away...

BTW, you can also spot ISS in the sky!

According to NASA, it is the third brightest object in the sky and can be tracked from here.

PS: One of our readers, Shubh, really wanted a Space-related newsletter. Hope Shubh and you all liked this one :)


Astronauts do carry a watch to keep track of time.

This watch was the first one to go to the moon! Worn by Buzz Aldrin.

Can you guess which brand's watch it is?

Hint: Starts with "O".

πŸ€— This week at APH (Arey Pata Hai?!)

Last week was all about BURNING QUESTIONS.

Remember the failed video we spoke about the previous week?

That was not BQ.

But the idea for BQ originated from that failed attempt.

We realised we three can bring in our own random questions...

and explain in our own style!

People who have been following us since early days will remember the 60-sec explainer videos we used to make.

This idea felt "US".


The comment section sentiment is all heartssss!

You all are so supportive with our informative content ❀️

Next episode, coming this week. And every other week πŸ”₯

A photo we had taken to add that fire in our hands haha.

πŸ’Œ A comment that made our week

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βœ… QUIZ answer

OMEGA Speedmaster it is! Also known as the Moonwatch.

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Stay weirdly curious! πŸ”«

Team APH

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