About this site

Hello, curious soul šŸ‘‹

We are Swati, Mohit & Nipun, three friends who love quizzes, fun facts and trivia. We also firmly believe that information can be presented in a fun way. That learning new things can be interesting (AND FUN) too!

Arey Pata Hai?! is our place where we try to bring you all kinds of trivia, general knowledge information, interesting facts in a fun way be it through:

šŸ”« Our Spray & Play quizzes that we play with each other.
šŸ¤— Grills Show, where we make detailed quizzes.
šŸ† Quizwiz Shows [Offline] where we play with you!
šŸ¤” Explained by Arey Pata Hai?! where we break down complex topics.
šŸ“œ 1-1-1 Newsletter where we bring interesting information to your email inbox every Wednesday.

All this sprinkled with some random jokes in between šŸ„²

We are incredibly grateful to have curious, fun learners like you following us on our journey here. We call our fam - "the best kind of people on the internet" ā¤ļø

Hope you have a fun time learning random, interesting things here.

Welcome to this curious corner on the internet - the Curiosity Rover that didn't go to Mars ;)

If you wish to know more about us, this As Us Anything video is a good start :)

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