1-1-1: Hitler was an artist?!

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1-1-1: Hitler was an artist?!
Made by Adolf Hitler
"Creativity takes courage" - Henry Matisse

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Did you know?

Before his rise to political power, Hitler aspired to be an artist.

He produced hundreds of works when he tried to sell his paintings and postcards to earn a living in his youth.

He applied twice to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna but was rejected both times.

The institute noted that Hitler's works contained too few heads. And considered that he had more talent in architecture than in painting!

This fact blew our heads and made for an interesting quiz question in this episode of Grills Show

Puzzle Time

Where's Wally? is a British series of children's puzzle books created by English illustrator Martin Handford.

You have to find Wally (the guy made at the top) amidst this crowded illustration.

Fun fact:  It would take Martin up to 8 weeks to draw a two-page sketch of "Wally" and the characters surrounding him - it is so detailed!

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Interesting Picture

Most expensive painting by an Indian artist!

In 2023, Amrita Sher-Gil's 'The Storyteller' set a new record as the most expensive piece of art ever sold by an Indian artist, fetching Rs. 61.8 crore!

Amrita Sher-Gil. β€œThe Storyteller’. Oil on canvas. 1937.

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