The Quizwiz Show πŸͺ„

Our offline quiz show - Quizwiz πŸͺ„

Full of interesting questions that make the audience go from "Knew it!" to "Aha" to "Oh no!".

Let's bring the joy of quizzing to your city, office, school or college.

Here is what it has:

πŸ€— We all meet, do some ice-breaker with lots of fun-facts & trivia.

🌟 Everybody participates in a quiz round to play individually and earn a place on the leaderboardβ€”yes, we created an app just for this!

🌟 Top 3 players join us onstage to play the main round.

🌟 While the top 3 players play on the stage, the audience also plays along using our app and accumulates scores.

🌟 The winner will get the title of a Quizwizard and a very cool prize!

🌟 The best player from the audience will also get a prize!

And, ofcourse we all will click selfies in the end and share a lot of random fun facts along the way :)

In short - a fun + informative 2 hours in Arey Pata Hai?! styleπŸ§‘πŸ’œ

2 hours of fun and learning in a unique way :)

Excited to host this for you, curious folks πŸ€—