#1 Why is it always 9:41 in iPhone ads?

While the iPhone ads always show 9:41 for the reason mentioned, the Apple watch doesn't follow this tradition...

#1 Why is it always 9:41 in iPhone ads?

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🤯 Aaj Pata Chala! info

In all Apple ads, the time on iPhone, iPads, Macbook is always 9:41!
Seeee, the latest photo of iPhone 15:

The latest official photo of iPhone 15, where the time on the phone display reads 9:41
Source: Apple

🧐 The reason: 9 AM, January 9, 2007: Steve Jobs' presentation was designed in a way so that he would unveil the iPhone at around the 40 minutes mark.

The time on the photo of the iPhone on the presentation had to match with the actual time. With a 1 minute buffer, the time on the phone display was set to 9:41.
And the phone was revealed exactly at that time!

A glimpse from the presentation:

A photo of Steve Jobs unveiling the iphone, with it's photo on the screen. The time on the iphone here is 9:41
  • Since then, as a silent nod to this tradition, every piece of marketing material for Apple products have the time set to 9:41.
  • You will notice this detail in literally all photos by Apple.
    A snapshot from their website:
A display of 5 iPhone with all of them having the time set to 9:41 show in different ways.
How many 9:41sss can you see?

An exception:

The Apple watches, however, follow the longstanding tradition of the watch industry and show the 10:09 time. It's been an age old marketing hack to give the watches a "smile" and an aesthetically pleasing look.

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What is a group of owls called?

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✅ Quiz answer: 'A parliament of owls.' The collective noun "parliament" is used to capture the idea that owls, known for their wisdom, could metaphorically be holding a parliament or assembly to discuss important matters. 🦉

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