1-1-1: Most intelligent picture ever taken!

Plus a winter fact and a unique puzzle! πŸ‘€

1-1-1: Most intelligent picture ever taken!
Photo by Andrew George / Unsplash
"I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy." - Marie Curie

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Today We Learn

A core winter memory:

Breathing out loud and being fascinated with the cloud of breath coming from our mouth!

The question is - why does this happen?

Here you go:

When it's cold, the warm air from our lungs meets the cold air outside.

This causes the water vapor in our breath to condense into tiny droplets, making it visible as "steam" or "cloud."

Now you know!

Puzzle Time

Word Search with a GK Twist! 😍

You have to find the names of 6 capital cities of Asia here.


  • Words can go in ANY direction.
  • Words do not share letters

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Happy Puzzl-ing!😍

Interesting Picture

Said to be the "most intelligent picture" ever taken!

The Leading Men (and Woman) of Physics - The New York Times

Prominent scientists attending the 5th Solvay Conference in 1927.

17/29 attendees were or became Nobel Laureates here.

How many great scientists can you spot here?

(BONUS πŸŽ‰) Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek pt.1:

We are documenting it all with Einscript in the hope that our process will teach someone something new.

In this case - a new way to think about logos.

Coming up next is Nipun teaching how to make comics! πŸ€—

Sneak Peek pt.2:

Finding the absolute best quality paper for Einscript is blowing our heads.

Didn't anticipate it would need such a hunt. But guess we are almost there❀️

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Answer to previous edition's crossword. Sent by Bhakti Shah πŸ˜‡

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