1-1-1: Unread books piling up?

You are not alone…

1-1-1: Unread books piling up?
Photo by Shiromani Kant / Unsplas
"Books are a uniquely portable magic." – Stephen King

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Today We Learn

Do you love to read? But...

...are your books piling up and waiting to be read?

You are not alone.

The Japanese actually have a term for this phenomenon!

Tsundoku - Acquiring reading materials and letting them pile up without reading them.

Wish there soon comes a time when you are not able to relate to this word! :')

Puzzle Time

Which number is the car parked on? πŸ‘€

upload in progress, 0

Answer comes next Wednesday :)

Happy Puzzl-ing!😍

Interesting Picture

That's one of the world's largest libraries - The British Library 😍

Library of Congress
The British Library, United Kingdom (London & Boston Spa)

It has a catalogue of over 17 crore (170 million) items!

Who wants to legit live here?!

(BONUS πŸŽ‰) Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek pt.1:

Happy 1st Birthday to APH!

We finished one year someday in March. We say someday because there are so many different dates of our firsts - we don't even remember πŸ˜…

What started as a random idea to create something we would want in the world became something that sooo many wanted in the world.

Eternally grateful. Eternally in shock of how this happened!

Sneak Peek pt.2:

Our Quizwiz Show is now on BookMyShow!

It is such a pinch-me moment to see ourselves on BMS. This was beyond our imagination, one year ago.

Tell us which city you are from and we will figure a way to host a Show there :)

Busy framing questions, procuring interesting gift hampers for winners, all for our Quizwiz Show in Delhi NCR ❀️

Excited to spend a fun + informative Saturday with you!

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