๐ŸŒŸ Quiz-Wiz e-book

๐ŸŒŸ Quiz-Wiz e-book
A mockup image of the e-book.

One year ago, we started playing quizzes and recording ourselves.

We have published 200+ quizzes on our YouTube, Instagram & Facebook.

The videos have reached more than 200 million people!

Over 1200 questions were asked in them...

So excited for you to read our Quiz-Wiz e-book!

A lot of you messaged us asking for Quiz PDFs so that you can play it.

So, one day, we made an excel sheet of all these 1200 questions.

Don't ask the time it took...

But we realised the questions were in random order.

So, we manually assembled them into distinct categories.

Again, don't ask the time it took...

We hand-picked 10 questions in 10 categories to make this e-book.

Presenting - the Quiz-Wiz e-book

This Quiz-Wiz e-book has a great mix of 100 questions - from "ahh, easy one" to "wait, what?!" - you have it all here.

Quizzes that you can play. Wiz-dom that you get after playing them :)

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Why an e-book?

Honest answer:

Easy to ship for us. Easiest to download for you.

From purchasing the book to opening it - it all takes just 10 seconds!

You can download it on any device - phone, laptop, tablet - anywhere.

You can play it with anyone - your friends and family, or even yourself! :)

10 categories and 100 questions:

These are the actual category covers from the e-book!

These are hand-made illustrations made by us, for the e-book :)

You can start with any one of these.

Play different categories with different people. Or mix them all!

Your e-book, your choice.

What it looks like:

No spoilers!

There is a question page. Then there is an answer in the next. With additional facts you will LOVE :)

Yup, it is a 200-page book!

We didn't want you to go to the last page to check an answer, only to sneak into the next one.

We didn't want to keep the answer on the same page, or else you would see it by mistake.

We wanted to keep it easy to use and fun to play.

How to get the e-book?

It took us hundreds of hours over the last several months to play quizzes, make videos, keep them all in one-place (super important!), make that excel, design this e-book!

Keeping it simple, and pricing it for โ‚น100 .

Honestly, we did think of pricing it at 249, considering our efforts.

But going to keep this one affordable for all :)

We are confident that the value this delivers is so much beyond โ‚น100.

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What our readers have said about e-book:

Humbled to have the best, curious minds as our viewers and readers ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’œ

Promise this will be worth your 100 bucks.