#12 Why your JEANS has this pocket?

Bet you have seen it in your jeans! But WHY was it made this way?

#12 Why your JEANS has this pocket?
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🤯 WOAHHH! fact

Ever noticed this small pocket on the right side of your jeans?

Ever kept your pen drive, coins or keys or tucked your thumb in it?

Well, these are great use cases. 

But it was initially made for…

That tiny pocket in jeans was designed to store pocket watches :  r/Damnthatsinteresting

Pocket watch! 

Yes, it was initially designed for cowboys to hold their pocket watches. 

This was back when Levi’s launched their first-ever pair of jeans in 1873.

Since then, it has become a part of the design. 

Okay, another one:

Ever wondered what these metal rivets are doing in your jeans? 

Metal Rivets On Jean Pocket Stock Photo - Download Image Now - Jeans, Rivet  - Fashion Item, Denim - iStock

What if we tell you these metal rivets ACTUALLY led to the birth of jeans!

Jacob Davis, a tailor, got a request from a local labourer’s wife. 

She wanted him to make a pair of pants for her husband that wouldn’t fall apart. 

That is when Jacob came up with the idea to put metal rivets at points of strain - at pocket corners and the base of the button fly. 

These riveted pants became a crazy hit!

Jacob knew he needed to get a patent on this process ASAP. 

He was a tailor, and he needed a business partner.

He reached out to the best business-minded person he knew. 

The person from whom he had purchased the cloth of the pants.

Levi Strauss! 

On 20 May, 1873, Levi Strauss & Co. and Jacob Davis received the U.S. patent.

Yup, this was the birth of denim jeans.

Denim pants had been around as workwear for many years...

But the act of placing rivets in these traditional pants created what we now call "jeans".

The patent on the design of rivets expired in the late 19th century. 

As a result, other companies became legally allowed to produce riveted jeans, leading to their widespread availability.

Modern stitching has made these rivets purely decorative. But they look cool no?

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WHY are jeans (mostly) blue? 👖

The answer is in the natural dye that was used originally.

Unlike most dyes that penetrated the cotton fabric fibres on heating, this dye attached to the fibre's surface.

What dye is this?

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✅ QUIZ answer

Indigo dye it is!

Synthetic indigo is used these days.

But it all initially started with natural Indigo.

A Lesson in Indigo: A Special Archives Visit - Levi Strauss & Co : Levi  Strauss & Co

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