#5 Why is it called "Dec"ember?

"Decem" means 10, but December is the 12th month. What is happening???

#5 Why is it called "Dec"ember?
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🤯 WOAHHH! fact

Check the names of these months:

  • "Sept"ember; Septem = 7, but it is the 9th month...
  • "Oct"ober; Octo = 8, but it is the 10th month...
  • "Nov"ember; Novem = 9...
  • "Dec"ember; Decem = 10...you get the drill, right?

Why are these numbers not adding up?

Well, the ancient 304-day Roman calendar, created by the first king of Rome, Romulus, only had ten months in the year. It began in March and ended in December, which was harvest month in Rome.

The winter months, about 60 days after the harvest, were simply left unnamed.

The first four months were named after gods, while the months in the year's second half were named after their numerical order.

The second Roman king Numa added the two months, January and February, after December to synchronise the calendar with the lunar year.

Later, in 45 B.C., Julius Caesar made a new version (Julian calendar) which shifted January and February to the top. The names of the other months remained unchanged even though their position had changed.This was a 365 day calendar, with a leap year every 4 years to sync with the Sun.

After Julius's death, Quintilis, the month Julius was born, was renamed to July. Later, Caesar’s heir, Augustus, renamed the month Sextilis after himself.

🔫 Quiz for you

After Julian Calendar, came another calendar, the one that we actually follow now. It is named after the Pope who made it. In India, it was adopted on 2nd September 1752 - and as a result, the date in our calendars jumped directly from September 2, 1752, to September 14, 1752!

Interesting History of September 1752 | Saransh

What is the name of this calendar that we follow today?


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✅ Quiz answer

Gregorian Calendar it is! It gets its name from Pope Gregory XIII.

The Julian calendar remained largely the same until 1582 but it had a slight overestimation. Pope Gregory XIII adjusted the calendar to more accurately reflect the amount of time it takes for the Earth to travel around the sun. The old calendar had been 365.25 days long; the new calendar was 365.2425 days long.

To compensate for the overestimation, this new calendar also shifted the dates. In India, it was adopted in 1752, so the dates 3rd-14th September 1752 do not exi...

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