#3 Your Keyboard is weird...

#3 Your Keyboard is weird...

Welcome to the 3rd edition of our fun + informative newsletter ft. a very click-baity title haha.
Here to add some much needed mid-week light after that match...

Every week we share:

  • 🀯 An Aaj Pata Chala! info
  • πŸ’­ A random Quiz for you (with the answer in the end)
  • πŸ€— Our Arey Pata Hai?! update
  • ❀️ A comment that made our week

In case you missed the previous edition of this newsletter, you can read it here.

Time for today's fun ride:

🀯 Aaj Pata Chala! info

Ever noticed the F & J keys in your keyboards have small tiny bumps in them? But WHY are these here?

🧐 Let’s understand the β€œkey” reasons behind having those:

  • One of the most efficient ways to type is by keeping your 4 fingers on the left, starting from the F and four fingers to the right, starting from the J. From this row (also called home row), all the keys in a keyboard are easily accessible.
  • Typing involves moving your fingers above and below the home row, but returning to initial position is crucial for keeping track of where your fingers exactly are.
  • For this, you would have to constantly look down to ensure you come back to the right position. Which makes typing speed = s l o w.
  • Enter the bumps: The bumps help locate the F & J keys in the home row, without having to look down, allowing users to focus on the screen and type accurately.
  • This feature is also very useful for the visually challenged to navigate through the keyboard.

<checking every laptop & PC's keyboard to see those bumps...>

Liked it? Please do tell us by replying to this mail. This way we will know our efforts are bearing some, tiny fruit :)

πŸ”« Random Quiz for you:

The World Cup trophy didn't come home. But our curiosity is always buzzing. So here is a quick question about it:

The trophy won by India in 1983 was called the Prudential Cup. And this is how the World Cup Trophies looked like from 1975-till date. They also had different name.

QUESTION: Why did all this keep changing?

πŸ€— Arey Pata Hai?! updates in pictures: 

This week was about trying new things & experimenting with our content:

We want to create more content streams around being fun + informative. Spray & play quizzes is one for sure! πŸ”«

But here are a few things we want to explore:

  • Involving more of our audience. Our audience sent a whopping 200 quiz questions for us and we played a few games with it!
  • Going BIG on Quizzing & trivia. More on this soooon.
  • Exploring more of long form content. Some interesting trivia demand a longer, detailed explanation. 60 seconds is definitely not enough :)

    ⚑Lesson learnt: One thing we have learnt being in the content field for a while is daring to experiment. Honestly, it is slightly scary. But it is imperative to keep giving audience something new to watch while sticking to the same essence.

    Your sign to try new experiments :)

πŸ’Œ A comment that made our week:

Love when you root for usπŸ’œ
Following us from several accounts is pretty cuteπŸ₯Ί and totally recommended ;)

Thank you, Aksha :)

Share your Aaj Pata Chala! momentπŸ’‘

If you learnt anything new this week - any random fact, any small or big trivia, just share it by replying to this mail.

We would LOVE to know your "aaj pata chala!" moment.

And if we find any answer really interesting, we will share that fact in our upcoming newsletter and give you due credits, promise :)

βœ… Quiz answer:

Simple reason: The World Cup had different trophies because of different sponsors. But in 1999, ICC decided to award its own trophy and make it's first permanent prize in this tournament's history.

The Prudential Cups = Prudential plc was the primary sponsor.
1987 - Reliance World Cup sponsored by Reliance Industries.
1992 - Benson and Hedges Cup, sponsored by Benson and Hedges.
1996 - Wills World Cup, sponsored by Wills, an ITC brand.

πŸ‘‹ See you next Wednesday!

Keep learning, keep experimenting, keep growing❀️

Team APH

PS: Will be looking forward to reading your feedback on this mail :)

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